Info Security Expert at Bank Mendes Gans (BMG) (2024)

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Bank Mendes Gans (BMG)

Bank Mendes Gans is part of ING and is the only bank in the world to engage exclusively in liquidity and information management solutions for Fortune 500 multinationals like Facebook, Huawei, Samsung, Micheal Kors, Versace,Groupon, McDonalds, Ebay, Duracell and Dow Jones. We operate a bank-independent model and we handle most of the world’s convertible currencies.

We don’t compete with your local banks- we cooperate with them.We work multi-currency, multi-country and multi-bank. This allows for a smooth implementation of your liquidity management strategy. Especially if your company has decentralized management, subsidiaries in different countries, different legal and tax regimes, and a large number of bank accounts, bank relationships and banking systems. As we offer overlay solutions on top of existing local bank infrastructure, there is no need to change banks.

Agile way of working
At BMG delivery we work Agile in DevOps squads whom are fully responsible for their application from A to Z, this means that feedback and fast learning is a critical part of your day to day job. We believe that feedback is essential for growth and put high value on effective feedback skills. We have an open culture to facilitate this and short lines to ensure support for valuable feedback. This requires that you work intensely together with your college's inside and outside your squad.

The Mission
Keepingthe company safe, secure andcompliantis a top priority at ING. As part of the IT Security team your focus will be on providing security subject matter expertise and education and instilling the core security mindset and culture. You will be contributing to the delivery of various control improvements, assessing risks, creating awareness in cyber security and act as a security liaison for the delivery teams.

Working at BMG Delivery

Customer satisfaction is priority number one. It lies at the core of everything we do. We specialize in international liquidity and informationmanagement and we are strongly committed to our clients’ success.

So, whatever your professional skills, you should recognize yourself in the following characterizations:

  • Customer-oriented attitude
  • Effective communication skills
  • Dedication to your job
  • True hands-on mentality
  • Teamplayer
  • High standard of work (Clean coding)

Main responsibilities:

Providing IT security advisory and guidance to teams involved in development & support

Help teams in their information security and risk journeys: liaise with the BMG teams to ensure appropriate security controls are implemented.

  • Active member in local Incident response team, with a focus on Cyber Security Incident Response (including Scenario Analysis, Runbook development and testing)
  • Security Alerts handling/follow-up (phishing, antimalware, etc)
  • Review and approve Application Security Baselines
  • Review and challenge the security of External connections
  • Participate as an active member in IT Security trainings & awareness campaigns & activities
  • Challenge & Review Security Monitoring implementation & Scope. Review Security Event Monitoring implementation & alerts
  • Review challenge vulnerability & penetration test reports and remediation plan & follow-up on remediation plan
  • Check Vulnerability scan reports and follow up on remediation
  • Ensure full compliance to the standards and policies set
  • Stakeholder in relevant risk assessment exercises and meetings

How to succeed

We hire smart people like you for your potential. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on responsibility. In return, we’ll back you to develop into an even more awesome version of yourself.

Furthermore, you have:

  • 3-4 years (preferably in Software company or Financial institution) in an IT security role
  • Understanding of network and web related protocols (such as TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, protocols).
  • Familiarity with cloud security controls and best practices.
  • Experience in developing cyber-security risk and incident management processes and a solid understanding of cyber threat landscape
  • Familiar with ISO2700x, NIST, ISF, CIS and similar frameworks
  • Nice to have: relevant security certifications (e.g. ISC2 SSCP/CISSP, ISACA CISM/CISA/CIRISC, CompTIA Security+, EC-Council CEH, ISO/IEC 27001)


  • Strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive
  • Customer-focused and enjoy working as part of a team
  • Strong capabilities to build internal confidence in a situation of constant change
  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking - ability to diagnose and resolve ambiguous problems;
  • Strong resilience to stress and constructive and collaborative mindset;
  • Willingness to support and coach less experienced colleagues; provide help when needed and criticize in a constructive manner;
  • Support for creating a friendly work environment based on respect, trust and partnership values.

Rewards & benefits

We want to make sure that it’s possible for you to strike the right balance between your career and your private life. You can find out more about our employment conditions here.

The benefits of working with us at ING include:

  • A salary tailored to your qualities and experience
  • 36 or 40 hour workweek
  • Individual leave: 24+2 individual holiday days based on 36 hr workweek
  • Diversity leave: 3 days per year (1,5 paid, 1,5 unpaid)
  • CSR days: up to 2 days per year to actively engage in society by volunteering
  • 13th month salary
  • 8% Holiday payment
  • Individual Savings Contribution (BIS), 3.5% of your gross annual salary
  • Mobility card
  • Attractive pension scheme
  • Hybrid working to blend home working for focus and office working for collaboration and co-creation

Want to apply directly?

Upload your CV and motivation letter by clicking the “Apply” button.

Please note, multiple interview steps involving various business stakeholders will be part of the selection process.

About us

With 60,000 employees and operations in approximately 40 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for people with initiative who want to help people take a step ahead in life and in business. Do you want to work at the cutting edge of what’s possible and at the same time ensure you work with integrity and hold the customer’s interests at heart? Do you want to be surrounded by progressive, inspiring, diverse and supportive colleagues? Then there is no better place to invest your talents than at ING. Join us and apply today!

Info Security Expert at Bank Mendes Gans (BMG) (2024)


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