Vermont Superior Court - Caledonia Criminal Division (2024)

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Online Court Resources

Resources for the Vermont Superior Court - Caledonia Criminal Division as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Caledonia County, Vermont, and resources applicable to all courts inVermont.

Search court case records

Superior Court Civil Case Records

Search Vermont Superior Court civil and small claims case records by docket number, party name, or calendar date. Registration with a fee is required. Not all Civil Division cases are available from Chittenden and Franklin Counties; contact information is provided to obtain those records.

Court Record Requests

View instructions for requesting Vermont court records, with links to request forms and rules for public access. Fees apply.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Superior Court Calendars

Search Vermont Superior Court Civil, Criminal, and Family Division calendars by date range and county (with court as an additional search option) or by attorney name and date range (with court and county as additional search options).

Court Hearings

Search Vermont Superior Court, Judicial Bureau, and Environmental Court hearings by attorney name, judge, docket number, case name, date range, county, and court division..

Published opinions and orders

Court Opinions and Decisions

Search selected Vermont Superior Court civil, criminal, family, probate, and Environmental Division opinions by keyword, court division, document type, and date range.

Attorney General Legal Opinions

View Vermont Attorney General legal opinions from 2000 - current by year.

Forms and related information

Online Self-Help Forms

Vermont Law Help offers do-it-yourself forms and instructions organized by legal issue. Some forms may be completed online with an interactive interview process.

Court Forms

View and download Vermont court forms including civil, criminal, family, probate, environmental, Judicial Bureau, and other miscellaneous forms. A link to search the complete forms library is provided.

Online fine payments

Pay Driver's License Reinstatement Fee

Pay your Vermont suspended driver's license reinstatement fee online by date of birth and ticket number or driver's license number. An access fee applies.

Self help, legal research, general information

Adoption Registry

The Vermont Department for Children and Families offers information about the Vermont Adoption Registry, which provides assistance in obtaining adoption records and birth certificates.

Child Protection Information

The Vermont Department for Children and Families offers resources related to child abuse and neglect.

Child Support Services

The Vermont Office of Child Support offers information and services related to child support, including how to make or change a child support order, how to enforce a child support order, and paternity establishment.

Civil Division Small Claims Information

View information about small claims cases in Vermont Superior Court Civil Division, including suing a being sued, hearing and appeal procedures, and collecting a judgment. Click the "Small Claims" link for details.

Domestic Violence Information

The Vermont Department for Children and Families offers resources for victims of domestic violence.

Eviction Information

View information for landlords and tenants about eviction cases.

Expungements, Sealings, and Pardons

View information about types of criminal records can be sealed, expunged, or pardoned in Vermont.

Family Division Information and Resources

View information about Vermont Superior Court Family Division, including child support, divorce, juvenile matters, parentage, mediation, parenting, and relief from abuse. Links to downloadable pamphlets and forms are included.

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

View resources for preventing foreclosure in Vermont, including local housing counseling agencies and a link to legal aid providers.

Probate Division Information

View information about Superior Court Probate Division matters, including adoption, emancipation, estates, wills, trusts, adult and minor guardianships, and name changes. Links to forms are provided.

Stalking and Sexual Assault Orders

View information about orders against stalking and sexual assault, including how to obtain an order, hearing procedure, and effects of an order.

Criminal Division Civil Cases

View information about types of civil cases handled by the Superior Court Criminal Division, including DUI license suspensions, fish and wildlife fines, and traffic and municipal ordinance appeals from the Judicial Bureau.

Legal Information and Legal Resources

Vermont Law Help offers legal information and resources by topic, including benefits, consumer law, disability, employment, family Law, guardianship and conservatorship, health, housing, Social Security, small claims, taxes, and juvenile and senior law.

Legal Terms

View a glossary of legal terms used in Vermont courts.

Self Help Information and Resources

View information for self-represented parties in Vermont courts, with links to additional online resources and available legal services.

Vermont Statutes and Court Rules

Search Vermont statutes and court rules by keyword, or browse by table of contents.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Defender General

View information about the Office of the Defender General, which provides criminal defense and juvenile representation to low-income residents. Contact information, locations, and links to online research resources are included.

Attorney Complaints and Discipline

View information from the Vermont Professional Responsibility Board about attorney complaint and discipline procedures, with links to a complaint brochure and decisions of the Professional Responsibility Board and Professional Conduct Board.

Consumer Protection

The Vermont Attorney General's Office provides information about consumer protection, identity theft and various types of fraud.

Lawyer Referral

The Vermont Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service by telephone or online request form, which may include an initial consultation with a lawyer for a nominal fee.

Legal Assistance

Vermont Law Help offers legal information, applications for legal assistance by online form or telephone, a link to free legal answers by e-mail, and a link to the Vermont Bar Association Modest Means reduced-fee program.

Legal Services

Vermont Legal Aid provides free civil legal services to low-income, senior, and disabled residents. Locations, contacts, and descriptions of available services are included.


Vermont Superior Court - Caledonia Criminal Division (2024)


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